We offer you a comprehensive seminar program.
We supervise and support you on all aspects of your construction project.
We train in the assessment and selection of building materials and technology.
We have patents and licenses in the field of Passive House construction.



More and more people around the world are consuming more and more resources. Future quality of life requires careful dealing with environment, energy and raw materials.


The challenges of the future require sustainability to protect our environment and ensure a sustainable future. The prevailing standard for constructions could be significantly improved in order to save energy and to provide more environmentally conscious and healthier living. The passive house construction technology allows for environmental friendly buildings, energy savings and high living and life quality.The staff of the German passive house transfer offers you the necessary know-how to construct buildings with passive house technology. Our service package includes training, consulting in planning and execution of buildings constructions, as well as help in making the appropriate choice of materials. We fall back on 25 years of experience in Germany.





Werner Zimmermann Rudolf Freundorfer  Zhou Peng

Werner Zimmermann

(Managing Director) 

Rudolf Freundorfer

(Technical Director) 

Zhou Peng

(Vice General Manager)