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Résumé Rudolf Freundorfer

Area of ​​responsibility within the dPHt window and building technology, specialty product development window and building envelope.15 years of practical experience in the development and use of Passive House suitable external parts and components.The starting point was collaboration with Optiwin founder Paul Freising . Collection of passive house window "know how" at company Freisinger and company Lederbauer by certified products such as Freising 3 - Wood and 2 – Wood/aluminum as well as Lederbauer Oeko Plus and Eco Plus.Project manager in charge of windows and facades for several energetic new construction projects and major projects. Highlights were planning of windows and facades - Project planning and management at : New construction Bosch Research and Development Center in Abstatt near Stuttgart or new construction projects Solar City Linz - Pichling and Landesklinikum Lower Austria in Tulln , etc.Development, certification and construction of very sophisticated, passive house suitable components , 2011 Passive House suitable Lift and Slide door Delta plus for cool temperate climate. 2012 and 2013, development, certification and licensing of window system Delta plus. One of the first products certified for cold climate zones. The future-oriented dPHt window system is based on a system suitable for all different climate zones on earth.